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The dream of the ideal relationship has been replaced... Our community of relationshipeurs are inspired to #makeyourrelationshipwork lifestyles to bring out the positive aspects of self and life.

Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship... Maybe you cannot handle the extreme stress, anxiety or anger any longer... Perhaps one of you has adult ADD and you're at your wits end... Has there been infidelity or addiction... Are you thinking of breaking up and beginning separate journeys to rediscover yourselves?

Any one of these problems can ruin your relationship, because it doesn't allow you to connect as a couple physically and emotionally. We forget what intimacy (in-to-me-see) is!

When you use my 5 Dimension Relationship Model to #makeyourrelationshipwork, you will transform your relationship – thrive on effective communication, heal all hurts and give and receive love according to yours and your partner's needs for love.

If you're prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform and win in the game of intimacy.

As you begin to make your relationship work, you and your partner will each experience more frequent and stronger physical and emotional intimacy, more talking together, and enhanced sharing, co-operation and fulfilment...

... a blissful state of freedom, bringing independence and interdependence.


“#makeyourrelationshipwork means to bring out the positive aspects of self and our life. Karen offers hope and a feeling of control over one’s life choices. I highly recommend her to all who want to know themselves and their inner power to control and enjoy their destiny.”

– Melody Appleton, UK

 “#makeyourrelationshipwork means I’ve never felt in my whole life as good as I do now; physically and emotionally. I haven’t had a migraine for goodness knows how long and I used to be plagued by them. My anxious and down feelings are gone – I feel optimistic and great, and in control. Best of all I have clarity about what (and who) is NOT good for me.”

– Name withheld for privacy

 “#makeyourrelationshipwork is dealing with every one of those symptoms day in and day out. I want to dedicate time with you and researching this deeply to learn how to experience normal thought patterns and life. Thank you! I am pleased to have found you.”  

– Name withheld for privacy

 “#makeyourrelationshipwork took me on a road trip of self-discovery in defining my own personality and that of the person closest to me and how the dynamics of our relationship was affected by it all; it all started to make sense.  

– Name withheld for privacy

 “#makeyourrelationshipwork gave me the final piece of the puzzle that makes up the person Jacinta Noonan! Your talk on HSP’ers was one of the biggest turnarounds in my life but little did I know an even bigger turnaround was about to happen. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and observations of me as an ADD Adult. Karen, you have handed me a gift that is more significant than you will ever know. Thank you for helping me make sense of me.”  

– With love, Jacinta

True success looks, tastes, and feels like freedom.

Freedom is the ability to be intimate, to deal with emotional stuff at a moment’s notice - learning to trust, respect, connect - and live out your life in the present moment...

... see and truly experience your partner.

 When I set out to help others make your relationship work, I never dreamed I’d start a movement...

but I wanted to build this website that would afford my husband, Mike, and me
the freedom to help you #makeyourrelationshipwork.

Mike and I have made our relationship work, we’d like to teach you how to do it too.

 In fact, I was blown away by the response when I first started talking with clients about building this website that I decided to start using the hashtag #makeyourrelationshipwork.  

I'm looking forward to getting many likes and comments, but you can start posting all kinds of creative photos of your own showing how you #makeyourrelationshipwork.

I have realized that I've touched on something powerful.

 I want #makeyourrelationshipwork to become a sort of rallying cry for my audience and a real reason behind why I do what I do: helping people build better relationship skills that provide you with the freedom to #makeyourrelationshipwork.

Now having the freedom to make your relationship work, doesn’t mean constant hard work for all of us. For many, it’s the freedom to be able to learn to trust, respect and connect again that is truly “living the dream”.

I learned that, for me, the control to live my life the way I saw fit was vital to the life I wanted to live.

Although I didn't know it at the time, it was one of my first lessons in my seminar series:
 Surviving Life Dramas: How to stop whining and start living!

Now more than ever, the real reason that people work on their relationship is to experience freedom.

Our ambition is to not have unhappiness, dysfunction, and the equally huge negative emotions that come with it (what we call emotional constipation!) ruin your chances of having a great relationship.

It is having an engaged and connected relationship that allows us the freedom to #makeyourrelationshipwork — whether that means in a café in Venice overlooking the Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal, enjoying a sunset in Fiji or at the park with your kids.

For me and Mike, travel has always been an important component in the picture of our ideal lifestyle, so it was vital for us to build a strong relationship that would support us wherever we wanted to go - including living and working in Singapore for 12 years.

I remember having a huge argument in Munich – I went my way and Mike went his. We soon figured it out and reconnected – I needed him to drive and he needed me for my little bit of spoken German!

With the power of Relationship Class we were able to restore physical and emotional intimacy to make our relationship work :

· On top of the world in the Annapurnas.

· For a week in our rented 'long boat' on the River Thames, London.

· On the terrace of our apartment overlooking the romantic gondolas in Venice.

· From the cosy intimacy and warmth of our Kombi Van in winter as we toured Europe, Ireland, and the Lake District in the UK.

· In a restaurant in Germany dining on fresh asparagus with Hollandaise cheese sauce.

· While enjoying 'sundowners' watching a brilliant sunset over Suva Bay, Fiji Islands from the majesty of the Grand Pacific Hotel.

· Working in our business together from wherever for more than 19 years.

Of course, not everyone is looking for international travel when they say they want to #makeyourrelationshipwork.

A friend stays home with her kids and works on building a better relationship with her estranged husband!

A client of mine, who is in business with her husband, rejoices at finally finding an answer to managing his Adult ADD — and now never even experiences a hiccup, because she too could make her relationship work.

Yet, another has been guided by me to establish the right direction in her life in order to help and protect the ones in need and to learn to take care of herself.

She says, "Karen took me on a road trip of self-discovery in defining my own personality and that of the person closest to me and how the dynamics of our relationship was affected by it all; it all started to make sense".

You see, I don’t just live it — I want to touch people's lives and help as many people as possible enjoy the freedom to #makeyourrelationshipwork.

It’s a hugely powerful concept and a true freedom I want to help more women and men realize.

And - We would welcome you and your partner join us at our Couples Fiji Retreat in 2017 to make your relationship great again!

Sign up below to access 8-steps to help you build a relationship that will provide you with the freedom to #makeyourrelationshipwork.

Mike and I are really looking forward to meeting you.

Mike and I make our relationship work.
We’d like to teach you how to do it too.

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