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How To handle Difficult Behavior – And It may Be Your Own! - By Karen Gosling

DVDs/CDs/Transcripts by Karen Gosling – Order the the How To Handle Difficult Behavior Combo Pack (12 DVDs/CDs/TS) or order 6 Single DVD/CD/Transcript packs according to your preference below.

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Karen Gosling
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Order Your HDB Combo Pack – 12 DVDs, Audio CDs, and Transcripts

How To Handle Difficult Behavior Combo Pack

12 DVDs/12 Audio CDs/12 Transcripts – US $397

Order your hard copy DVDs, Audio CDs and Transcripts today to accompany my book, How To Handle Difficult Behavior – And It May Be Your Own!

Recognize that people view life from different perspectives. Different things drive their behavior. I describe 10 different personalities whose behavior is often difficult and awkward to handle.

Order HDB Single Packs Below – Includes DVD, Audio CD, and Transcript

Surviving Your Addiction

HDB01: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

Do your repeat a particular behavior even though you wish you didn’t? Would it help if you understood why?

Surviving Alcohol Addiction

HDB02: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

What do think it means to be addicted to alcohol? If alcohol causes a problem in your relationship … and you continue to choose the alcohol over the relationship … then do you have an addiction?

Incompatible Personalities

HDB03: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

There may be times when you feel incompatible with your partner. Want to learn how to manage your differences instead of feeling your relationship is doomed?

Confusing Personalities

HDB04: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

Ever been puzzled why some people are perfectionists and really inflexible? Want to know what drives their behavior and learn tips for managing such people in your life?

People Who Blame

HDB05: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

Are you sick of people who don’t take responsibility for the part they play in events, situations and circumstances in their life – And always blame you? Want to know what you can do about them?

People Who Lack Empathy

HDB06: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and understanding what they’re feeling. Are you working or living with someone who’s unable to do this? Do you need tips about how to communicate your needs.

Identifying Adult ADD

HDB07: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

Do you know that distractibility, internal restlessness, anxiety and not achieving your potential are common characteristics that define an Adult ADD? How would knowing this help you and your relationships?

Understanding Adult ADD

HDB08: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

Need tips to find ways to get things done and be more organised? Want to stop being so negative and worried about the future?

Structure Reduces Adult ADD

HDB09: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

Need tips to find ways to get things done and be more organized? Want to stop being so negative and worried about the future?

Managing Adult ADD At Work

HDB10: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

How do you handle your ADD at work? Do you get overwhelmed with external distractions, noise, and not being able to find a quiet place? Want to learn strategies to stay on task at work?

Coping With An ADD Spouse

HDD11: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

Having an ADD spouse can be a handful. Are you hurt and confused by the love of your life, often feeling insignificant and a low priority? Want to discover how to discuss this with you partner and feel validated?

Celebrate The ADD Difference

HDB12: Single Pack-DVD/Audio CD with Transcript – US $47

Why not celebrate your ADD brilliance? What about being free to be yourself as an ADD? Would communication techniques be helpful to ease pain and misunderstandings?

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