How Do I know Who I Really Am?

I want to figure out who I really am

FindMe IntroAre you struggling with low mood or anxiety? Or perhaps you are sick of always feeling frustrated with everyone, and angry?

Do you suffer low self-esteem and don’t know how to improve it? Perhaps you’ve tried by being grateful or reading those inspirational sayings, but still can’t get the demons out of your head?

What makes you tick?

Do you spend time wondering why you feel what you feel? Is it genetic or is it the way you were brought up? Is it possible to change and to be a better person and happier with the way life has turned out for you?

Learn about yourself and find the real you. Once you find that wonderful person, you can also learn to be consistent and fight off negative thoughts and moods. This is what will reduce your stress and increase your self-esteem.

Why do I know this? Because it has happened to me! Once I learned the key to maintaining my stress levels, my self-esteem and my mood remains a constant. That makes people comfortable to be around me, because I don’t have unpredictable moods. And I like myself better too!

It’s a biological or medical equation!

Start the journey to finding you, by learning about the Emotional Brain, and how an awareness of the incredible connection between our mind and body and emotions gives us the power to keep it all in check! Each one of us is an amazing biological creature, reacting chemically to events that happen in our world. And it’s those chemical changes and how they impact on us that we have to know about!

Once you have this knowledge, everything else about how you feel and react to things makes sense. And once it makes sense, you have the control over your emotions, not the other way around!

AND you start to give yourself permission to be who you are instead of beating yourself up for not being like the next guy! (Actually you start to realize that the next guy is beating himself up too!)

Some of the beliefs you have about yourself may have come from your childhood, that’s true.

But you are a grown up now. You are an adult who can think and reason for yourself, so you no longer have to be beholden to all the old messages that have been imprinted on your brain. It is time to stop blaming your past for you being like you are, and start to make choices about who you want to be!

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