Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an emerging idea and as such there is no absolute definition for it

According to Dr John Mayer, personality psychologist attached to the University of New Hampshire (United States) “Emotional Intelligence is a group of mental abilities which help you to recognize and understand your own feelings, as well as others; ultimately, EI leads to the ability to regulate your feelings.”

There are two sides to EI – the intellect understanding emotion and using the intellect to bring about creative thoughts and ideas. Individuals high in EI pay attention to, use, understand, and manage emotions, and these skills serve adaptive functions that potentially benefit themselves and others.

Appraisal of our values, beliefs, expectations and the environments we operate in can trigger negative behaviors, emotional constipation (stress), and disconnected relationships.

We’ve all had situations where our emotions got the better of us. Often it’s because we’ve conditioned ourselves to respond to events in a certain way and are unaware of the impact our annoying behavior has on others. Often we don’t realize what was happening until our “emotional trigger” sets us off. We’ve also resisted change because we think, “I am what I am and you can’t change that”.

The best time to handle a negative emotion is when you first begin to feel and experience it fully, identifying the situation that has occurred. That way you can deal with it and it won’t keep popping up time and time again. Dealing with your emotions and the emotions of others is what emotional intelligence is all about and is what coaching can help you change. It helps you build sound relationships.

We believe in and understand how vital sound relationships are to your future life goals. Delivering executive coaching for over 20 years, our passion has been guiding people – no matter how successful they already are – to BREAKTHROUGH and OVERCOME annoying limiting beliefs and behaviors to get the most from their leadership, relationship, family, and life goals.

Within a culture of being professional, open-minded, knowledgeable, resourceful and experienced we help you develop and apply your emotional intelligence abilities to better manage your emotions at work and at home and inspire you to take your life and career to the next level.

The impact on others of your new skills is them feeling more valued, worthy, validated and supported, resulting in greater loyalty and happiness at work and a healthier less stressed lifestyle for all. Better collaboration at work leads to better ideas, better morale, and a more successful organisation. Better collaboration at home leads to improved emotionally connected relationships for a better life.

We help successful people achieve positive, lasting change in behavior to improve their relationships; for themselves, their intimate partners, and their work teams.

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