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17 Relationship Tools and Checklists

  1. Oral Amplifier – Use when you want him to: Talk to you more about his feelings.
  2. The Sly Why – Use when you want him to: Answer you without getting irritable or defensive.
  3. The Ready Reply – Use when you want him to: Answer you so you know he’s listening!
  4. Booby Trap – Use when you want him to: Stop groping you.
  5. The Radical Request – Use when you want him to: Offer to help you so you don’t have to nag.
  6. Treasure Trove – Use when you want him to: Stop blaming YOU for losing HIS keys!
  7. Mission Impossible – Use when you want him to: Stop looking at other women.
  8. He’s Got Balls – Use when you want him to: Stop obsessing about sport.
  9. Flick the Switch – Use when you want him to: Stop flicking the remote.
  10. Tom Tom – Use when you want him to: Tell you what’s going on and what his plans are.
  11. The Harmoniser – Use when you want him to: Speak to you in a normal voice.
  12. GPS Guru – Use when you want him to: Not get mad at you when you’re navigating!
  13. Grog to Go – Use when you want him to: Reduce his drinking.
  14. Porn Swap – Use when you want him to: Give up watching porn (and be with you instead!)
  15. Monogamous Mate – Use when you want him to: Make a commitment.
  16. Sex Start Up – Use when you want him to: Start having sex again (after ages without it).
  17. Lie Detector – Use when you want him to: Stop bull-shitting you (and others!)

Plus loads more to come ….

Special Action-Takers’ Bonus
1-Hour Personal Skype Consultation with Karen Gosling


You know how most marriage counselling experts tell you that “No matter how unhappy you are in your relationship, it’s impossible to fix it by changing your man”? Well, I’m here to tell you that’s a load of hogwash!

For the last 17 years I’ve been secretly teaching women all over the world how to transform their grumpy, irritable, un-emotional or porn-addicted husband, back into the loving, kind, warm and thoughtful man they married all those years ago.

No, I’m not your fairy godmother, waving a magic wand over him to change him. But I do have a set of scientific tools that I’ve honed and refined in my work with over 2,634 couples from 85 different countries.

In your 1-Hour session with me, I’ll help you identify your biggest frustration and discuss different tools to help change him.

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  • Bonus Gift: Streaming Video – Karen talks about “Love Languages”.
  • 1-Hour personal consultation with Karen (action takers only). You’ll get a 1-hour Skype session to speak with me so that together we’ll be able to overcome your unique relationship issues you may be experiencing with your partner, such as, the level of your connection, lack of communication or dealing with resentments.

My goal is to help you reconnect with your man and reach your goal of achieving appreciation, connection, communication and sexual intimacy with him again… and feel completely satisfied that you have gotten back the cost of the toolkit at least 5-fold.

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