Keys To Keeping A Great Relationship

Create a strong and intimate relationship

Partner IntroYou know the fairytale… you grow up and get married and live happily ever after…

NOT! Sometimes not even the wedding is a fairy tale. Because it’s common that partners experience relationship problems even BEFORE they say ‘I do’. Was that the case with you?

Or perhaps you have changed partners – several times? That’s OK, we can’t always get it right the first time. People change, and so the nature of a relationship will change, and feelings for your partner do too.

But then you find your Soulmate.

Your Soulmate is the partner you believe at a deep level that you will be with for a very long time. In fact you cannot imagine growing old with anyone else. Yes, there will be issues and disagreements, and you expect the ups and downs, but you want to stay in a deep and loving relationship with this person, always.

Is that possible? How do relationships work? You don’t learn THAT at school!

What do you do when your partner drives you to distraction? Or you are constantly snapping at one another? What if your partner gets mad easily and their raised voice makes you shut down and withdraw?

How can you best communicate so that you can deal with issues before they become resentments? And how can you express how you feel without it becoming a full-on fight?

Respect and compassion are pretty good ingredients to have in a relationship but there are also many other things to learn in order to grow the relationship of your dreams.

The 3 things that contribute to the breakdown of a relationship

(1) unresolved hurts
(2) ineffective communication and
(3) not knowing how to give love according to your partner’s need for love.

Once you know this and how to best address these 3 potential problem areas, you can be pretty sure you have the tools to keep you together “til death us do part”.

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