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Relationship Communication

The importance of communication in relationships

WE use communication to gain information (things we need to know in order to fill our needs, satisfy our interests, and to survive) and to pass on information (to fill other’s needs, or to share an experience).

relationship communicationCommunication takes many forms – sign language, body language (both unconscious and deliberate), written/emailed, art, dance, and music.

The spoken word in any language, that is, verbal communication, conveys only about 12% of the content of any message or information that is imparted. The rest is conveyed non-verbally, either in tone, inflection, manner, or body language.

And that’s for females, who spend most of their time in the language side of their brain!

Females can talk and listen at the same time, and they use language to engage and connect with other people. When women speak, they are typically sharing a feeling and they talk about their feelings as a way of coming to a solution.

Males communicate verbally much less, because their natural place to be is in the thinking side of their brain.

Men think and problem solve in their head, and usually only speak “what’s on their mind” if they are giving advice or want someone to agree with them. When men speak, it is a fact, already considered. They find it unnecessary to “talk things through”.

Are you starting to see some of the issues involving communication in a relationship? So often, the intended message of the speaker is not heard precisely or interpreted correctly, by the listener.

There is a lot to learn about having better communication in your relationship!

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